Upcoming shows

17th-18th of August 2019: IDS Bornholm/DK

7th of September 2019: Danish Mastiff Club, Korsoer/DK

21st of September 2019: Eslöv dog show, Eslöv/ Sweden

22nd of September 2019: IDS Ballerup/ DK

5th of October 2019: IDS Rostock/ Germany

13th of October 2019: Danish Mastiff Club, Aars/DK

2nd of November 2019: IDS Växjö/ Sweden  

3rd of November 2019: IDS Herning/ DK



Upcoming shows

(Lilly) 12th of May 2019, IDS Roskilde/ DK

(Maggy) 31st of May 2019, Bosore/DK (Danish Bulldog club)

(Lilly) 25th of May 2019, Mastiff show (Danish Mastiff Club), Reersø/ DK